November 1, 2023

Registration and refreshments

Welcoming remarks

Steve Wolfe, President & Co-Founder, Beyond Earth Institute
Courtney Stadd, Executive Vice President, Beyond Earth Institute

Keynote: American Preeminence in Space and Going Together in Global Partnership

Dr. Ezinne Uzo-Okoro, Asst Director for Space Policy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Panel: We Go Together: Global Perspective on Space Development

All nations are waking up to the commercial potential of space. International coordination and norms of behavior are key in order to ensure fair and robust competition and cooperation in the space domain. The panel will reflect on the advances and remaining challenges for global coordination to ensure success in space for all peaceful nations.

Part I: International Norms and Agreements


Kenneth Hodgkins, Co-Chair Off-World Approach, The Hague Institute for Global Justice (Moderator)
Sohair Salam Saber, President, The Hague Institute for Global Justice
Mike Gold, Chief Growth Officer, Redwire

Part II: Emerging International Commitment to Space


Marlène M. Losier, Principal, Legal Expert in International LawPrincipal, Legal Expert in International Law, Losier González, PLLC (Moderator)
Aniello (Nello) Violetti, Space Attache, Embassy of Italy
Krunal Joshi, Counsellor, Space at Embassy of India, ISRO Representative in USA
Masami Onoda, Director, Washington D.C. Office, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Nicolas Maubert, CNES Representative and Space Attaché - Embassy of France in the USA


Keynote: The Role of Armed Services in a Commercially Driven Cislunar Economy

Lt. Gen. John Shaw , Lt Gen (ret), USSF, and former Deputy Commander of United States Space Command (virtual)

Featured Speaker: Managing Space Traffic to Enable a Cislunar Economy

Richard Dalbello, Director, Office of Space Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce

Panel: Making the Case for Beyond Earth Communities

Every space advocate is asked why we go to space. The bigger question is why the human race may choose to make homes beyond Earth. This session will explore the practical answers to this question as well as those that speak to a deeper sense of purpose.


Steve Wolfe, President & Co-Founder, Beyond Earth Institute (Moderator)
Frank White, Author, The Overview Effect
Bhavya Lal, Former Associate Administrator, Office of Technology, Policy and Strategy, NASA
Peter Garretson, Senior Fellow in Defense Studies, American Foreign Policy Council
Frank DiBello, former President & CEO, Space Florida

Featured Speaker: Managing Financial Risk on the High Frontier

Christopher Kunstadter, Global Head of Space, AXA XL

Closing Remarks

Welcome Reception

November 2, 2023

Registration & light breakfast

Welcoming Remarks

Courtney Stadd, EVP, Beyond Earth Institute
Simon “Pete” Worden (Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret.), Chairman, Breakthrough Prize Foundation (virtually)

Keynote: NASA's Transition to Tenant in the New LEO Economy

Kenneth Bowersox, Associate Administrator for Space Operations, NASA

Panel: Ensuring Success of Commercial Space Stations for a Post-ISS Era

NASA’s Commercial LEO Destination program, initiated to replace the International Space Station by 2030, faces significant challenges and uncertainties, such as technical risks, regulatory hurdles, and market demand. In particular. This panel will focus on these three critical topics.


Robert Hampton, Director of Payload Operations, International Space Station National Laboratory (Moderator)
Olivia Gámez Holzhaus, Founder and CEO, Rhodium Scientific
Brad Powell, Associate General Counsel, Vast
Lee Pagel, Program Executive Commercial Spaceflight Division, NASA

Announcing the Beyond Earth Business Challenge

Stephan Reckie, Executive Director, GEN - Space


Keynote: Commercial Destinations: The Next Step Toward Space Settlement

Jeffrey Manber, President of International and Space Stations, Voyager Space

Panel: From Surviving to Thriving in Space: Making Life Sciences A Priority

Even as private launch companies take more people to space, much is still not understood about keeping the human body healthy and thriving for Long-duration spaceflight and habitation. This research will continue for decades, and require data gathered from those who go to space. Are private operators willing to share life-critical innovations?


Dr. Heath Mills, Chief Scientific Officer, Rhodium Scientific, LLC (Moderator)
Dr. Angie Bukley, Technical Fellow, Center for Space Policy and Strategy
Dr. Jeffrey Davis, CEO, Exploring4Solutions
Dr. Jenn Fogarty, Chief Scientist, Translational Research Institute for Space Health


Featured Speaker: An Update and Announcement on DARPA’s LunA-10 program

Michael “Orbit” Nayak, Program Manager, DARPA

AIAA Cislunar Ecosystem Task Force – An Ambitious Collaborative Effort

Dennis Paul, Senior Project Lead, The Aerospace Corp

Guest Speaker: The Commercial Space Exchange

John Neal, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Panel: Building a Cislunar Ecosystem

Over the next two decades, the Moon will be transformed from “pristine desolation” into a hive of machine and human activity sponsored by governments and private enterprises. This panel will address issues and opportunities for the cislunar ecosystem – including the need for government investment in cislunar infrastructure elements that can be used by all actors.


Michelle Hanlon, Executive Director, Center for Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi (Moderator)
Alan Campbell, Senior Program Manager, Draper
John Reed, Chief Rocket Scientist, ULA
Walt Engelund, Deputy AA for Programs in the STMD, NASA


Keynote: Artemis Is Just the Beginning: What it Will Take to Create the Future Lunar Economy

Tonya Ladwig, Vice President for Human Space Exploration Lockheed Martin
S. Sita Sonty, CEO, Space Tango

Panel: Financing Pathways for Large-Scale Space Infrastructure and Communities

Managing the extreme costs of large space infrastructure elements is at the heart of scaling up the cislunar economy. This session will look at the future of financing ever-larger space ventures from inflection point to inflection point. Understanding these future inflection points will inform project financing policies in the near term.


Dr. Greg Autry, Clinical Professor and Director of Space Leadership, Thunderbird School of Global Management (Moderator)
Andy Aldrin, Program Coordinator, Masters of Space Operations, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Hoyt Davidson, Founder and Managing Partner, Near Earth LLC
Michael Mealing, General Partner, Starbridge Venture Capital

Closing Remarks